600 %
Increase in organic sessions
+ 24 k
Ranking Keywords in top 100
+ 250
Ranking Keywords in Position 1 on Google

We have worked with this mental health treatment facility for over 5 years on various aspects of their digital marketing in a highly competitive space in the US.

We originally were focused on their PPC Campaigns as their CPA was very high, we managed to reduce this from over $200 per CPA down to $40 which we have maintained for several years now.

2 years ago we then embarked on SEO growth using expert written content from experienced therapists, this saw a huge rise in organic traffic with each content piece published, each ranking for new keywords relevant to their business.

We have also crafted mental health tests which have proved to be superb landing pages from social media promotions.

During this time, this business has increased it’s number of clients and revenue by over 50%.


From 6,000 to 24,000 Keywords Ranking

The website now ranks for over 24,000 highly relevant keywords and growing each month. 

The graph shows the growth of keywords in positions 1-3 and 4-10 in Google's Search Results.  

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