5900 %
Increase in organic sessions
+ 11 k
Ranking Keywords in top 100
+ 200
Ranking Keywords in Position 1 on Google

We have worked with a well known agency in the US for this client as a while label service provider. They were a new event rental brand which had acquired half a dozen small businesses to create a larger brand.

We created the SEO strategy to merge 6 domains into the brand new domain, create 6 new Google My Business Locations and rebrand all citations across the web.

We then crafted a 12-month SEO content strategy, crafting over 100 content pieces that we had identified for initial growth. We used 2 expert industry content writers to ensure each piece published was of the highest quality. That 12-month SEO Content strategy has carried on for a second year as growth has been consistent, and the client was extremely happy with the results.

Alongside the SEO and Content Strategy, we also managed their PPC Campaign, which has driven 1000s of leads for new business during this time. 


From 0 to 11,000 Keywords Ranking

The website now ranks for over 11,000 highly relevant keywords and growing each month. 

The graph shows the growth of keywords in positions 1-3 and 4-10 in Google's Search Results.  

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